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Therapeutic Bodywork to restore Qi energy within.
Focusing on women's health in a natural way.

I specialise in Bodywork Treatments, Abdominal & Scar Tissue Massage, Tui-na Massage, Gua-sha, Facial and body cupping. Hold group workshops on self-care, and Sound Meditation sessions - Gong Baths & Sound-Baths.

 Support lifestyle changes for the Third age woman through emotional and hormonal imbalance.



A Unique Approach

Tui-na Massage Therapy

  An ancient science

Abdominal Massage

Restore and Rebalance

Scar Tissue Repair



Additional Treatments

Include Gua-Sha, Cupping, Facial Massage All of these treatments are part the bespoke Bodywork Therapy that can be added to your Massage. 


”My Body is intelligent and knows how to heal itself"
"Feel energised & healthy brings freedom of mind and body"

Fiona B


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