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Fiona Black

Wellbeing RTT Coach

Yoga at Home
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Fiona Black worked in the medical & dental industry for years, but her passion was studying holistic wellbeing. For the past 30 years she has created powerful methods for self-care. Fiona helps her clients find self-love,  understand their limiting beliefs using Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), meditation, Qi Gong and bodywork. All of which can help change the mind-set to live a happy and balanced life. 

Fiona also works with clients who suffer from  

stress and anxiety and other emotional life-style issues.

Fiona designs a holistic wellbeing approach to boost wellbeing and help overcome stress and anxiety.


Fiona understands that every one of us are different and the our needs are different and she helps her

clients transform their lives.

Want to know Fiona's secret formula?


"My body is intelligent and knows how to heal itself."
"Feeling energised & healthy brings freedom of mind and body."

Fiona B.

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