My Background

 Fiona, qualified practitioner, holding a diploma in advanced Tuina Therapy

plus 90 hours clinical internship program under the supervision of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM in China.

 Qi Life Instructor 101, Certificate of Training at the Qi Life Academy, Ireland.

International Training Massage (ITM) at the Institute of Thai Massage,

diploma of Sen-Therapy also teacher training, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

 Certificate of Therapeutic Swedish Massage (VETEC Training).

Skincare & Beauty Specialist (ITEC & VTCT), high quality and regulated in Europe.

Certified Life Coach, from the Coach Training Academy, Canada.

Therapeutic Group Sound Meditation Practitioner. Diploma (British Academy of Sound Therapy).

 Certified Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT with Marisa Peer).


Who I Am and What I Do

My Journey

Welcome to Absolute Wellness! For many years Fiona has been following her passion within wellness and health. Fiona trained as a Dental Nurse and loves working to help others but felt drawn to a more deeper meaning to health and wellness. She found herself in Holistic Wellness and for the past 28 years Fiona has been training in different modalities from Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Tui Na Therapy, Qi Gong instructor, Sound Therapist and Rapid Transformation Therapy.

When studying Tui Na Fiona was drawn to eastern philosophy of learning and understanding the energetic body through

Qi Gong and the Meridian Channels and how we heal our body through self-care and education.  As a woman, she has gone through her own journey with infertility, and underwent surgery of a partial hysterectomy at the age of 45. Now in the 3rd stage of her life and the Peri-Menopause she is using this time to learn to have a better understanding of hormone imbalance and how we can control the side effects of hot flashes, night sweats and more using a holistic/biohacking approach to wellbeing.

Fiona's latest endeavours, Certified Rapid Transformation Therapist  and Sound practitioner using sound as a medium to meditate induce deep relaxation and reduce stress, and providing a healing space for self-discovery.