Post C-section Scar Tissue Massage
Image by Marvin Meyer

Adhesions are a type of scar tissue, that form in your abdomen or pelvis after surgery, and can be a common complication of C-sections and other types of abdominal (Hysterectomy) surgery. It’s estimated that 93% of people who have abdominal surgery develop adhesions in response to the trauma of surgery.

Adhesions can form between muscle layers, bone, connective tissues, and internal organs, causing them to stick together. Adhesions prevent the normal gliding of tissues during movement and digestion, causing pain.

During a C-section, the peritoneum (a membrane which wraps around all your internal organs) is cut in order to expose the uterus. After surgery, the peritoneum becomes inflamed, and this inflammation causes the formation of adhesions.

The importance of post-surgical massage cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, most women are only advised to monitor the outside appearance of their scar, checking for signs of infection, and not the adhesions internally before or after surgery.

Once you get the “green light” from your doctor, usually about four to six weeks after delivery, you’ll want to begin massaging your scar, daily. Massage breaks down adhesions which releases stuck tissues, eliminates pain, and restores normal tissue functioning.

Along with massage treatment, Fiona will teach you some self-care protocols that can apply at home to help with your scar tissue repair.

60 minute treatment -125chf


3 x 60 minute Scar Massage treatments to really help you on your healing journey - 330chf